Channel Baltimore’s Famous

Baltimore is home to many famous writers, actors, and athletes. If you need inspiration for your next project or an upcoming game, look no further. There are many places around town where you can channel the famous in Baltimore.

Baltimore’s Famous Movie Queen

Maebh channeling her inner drama queen at the grave of famous Baltimorean Divine.
Maebh channeling her inner drama queen at Divine’s grave.

Baltimore was home to Harris Glenn Millstead (October 19, 1945 – February 7, 1988), better known for his drag persona Divine. Local film director John Waters not only gave Glenn the name Divine but also his tagline, “The most beautiful woman in the world, almost.”  Divine starred in many of Waters’ films including the cult classics Pink Flamingos and Hairspray. He had an over-the-top personality and was also a fabulous singer and stage performer. If you need to find your inner queen, try-visiting Divine’s grave at Towson’s Prospect Hill cemetery. As an alternative, you can channel this famous Baltimorean at the American Visionary Arts Museum whose collection includes a full-sized statute.  

Blaze Star a Baltimore Favorite

Blaze Star was a famous Baltimore performer.
Blaze Starr – The New Orleans Advocate

For years, burlesque icon Blaze Starr was a mainstay on the stages of Baltimore’s infamous red-light district known as the Block. Born Fannie Belle Fleming (April 10, 1932 – June 15, 2015), Blaze was known as the “Hottest Blaze in Burlesque.”  Outside of Maryland, Blaze is better known for her scandalous affair with former Louisiana Governor Earl Long. Blaze eventually settled in Baltimore and started one of the Block’s more famous spots the Two O’Clock Club.   

True burlesque is more than just a striptease act. It is a comedic show that includes slapstick, bawdy humor, skits, and very elaborate costumes. Starr was a master at both slapstick and comedic timing. Her most famous skit included a smoking couch. 

Burlesque is making a comeback with several festivals around the country where you can catch an act. It is also popular on college campuses where it promotes body image positivity. So, if you need to give your body a bit of love, try channeling your inner Blaze outside Baltimore’s famous Two O’Clock Club. Even though the Block is right across the street from Police headquarters, I think you can also get your Blaze on just about anywhere.

Edgar Allen Poe

Need help pulling off a “clap back?” Baltimore is home to the king of clap backs Mr. Edgar Allen Poe. In fact, Poe was so vicious in his editorial critiques folks just started calling him “Tomahawk Man.” Despite his reputation, Poe was a true literary groundbreaker. Today’s detective stories, along with modern horror stories, both find their roots in Poe’s work.

Edgar Allen Poe is one of Baltimore's famous adopted sons.

If your clap back needs inspiration, we have three spots you can try out. The first is Poe’s writing desk in his house at 203 N. Amity Street. The second is his grave at the Westminster burial grounds (511 W. Fayette Street). The third is chatting with his ghost over some brandy at the Horse. Or, if you prefer, the Horse You Came in On at 1626 Thames Street in Fells Point.

Olympians in Baltimore

Maebh at Olympic Park in Towson, Maryland at the plaque of Baltimore's most famous Olympian Michael Phelps.
Maebh hoping to become brave enough to swim by channeling her inner Michael Phelps

About 20-minutes North of the Inner Harbor, you will find a quaint little spot that is a memorial to all the Olympians and Para-Olympians from Baltimore County. These sports phenomes represent just about every sport out there. The original idea for the park was to honor Towson resident and all-around completely bad-ass swimmer Michael Phelps. But I believe the choice to honor all the County’s hometown sports heroes was a great call. So, if you need some inspiration for your next big game, find your champion and commune away.

Look for more ideas in future articles. In the meantime, leave me a comment on where you “channel the famous.”

Need inspiration now? Let me know what you need and I will find places to channel your famous.

By Carolyn

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