Maebh and Moose Love to Explore

Maebh and Moose love to explore around Baltimore.

This is my partner in crime Maebh (pronounced Maive). Maebh’s partner is her big old moose. Maebh is a Saint Bernufie, which is a Newfoundland/St. Bernard Mix. Moose is a large stuffy that Maebh insists on dragging everywhere. Maebh and Moose love to explore and are hard to miss when they are out and about.

Maebh’s Newfoundland Heritage

The Newfoundland breed or Newfie is a working dog that helped Newfoundland fishermen pull in their nets, haul fish laden carts to market, and rescue people who fell overboard. While fishing is still strong in Newfoundland, it turns out that there are not too many Newfies on the island.

Maebh and Moose chilling after a garden tour.

Today, Newfies are better known as water rescue dogs. They serve as lifeguards on beaches and jump out of helicopters to drag people to a place where they can be rescued from the air. Their overall strength, webbed paws and sturdy tail makes them excellent swimmers, even in the roughest of water. The two most famous Newfoundlands are Peter Pan’s dog Nana and Pilot who traveled with Lewis and Clark while they explored the U.S.

Maebh’s St. Bernard Side

The St. Bernard or Saint is named after the monk Bernard of Menthon. In 1050, Bernard, later canonized, established a hospice in the alps linking Switzerland and Italy. Bernard set his hospice on what became known as St. Bernard’s Pass to help the pilgrims traveling to Rome.

A close-up of Maebh

Crossing the Alps was very treacherous, especially in the winter where snow drifts could be as high as 40 feet. Saints have excellent trail finding and scenting abilities which makes them the ideal breed to find lost travelers in the snow. While Saints did not carry casks of brandy around their necks, I’m sure that none of the 2,000+ travelers they rescued minded.

Maebh and Moose Love to Explore Baltimore

Maebh came to us in 2016 from Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. At 3-feet 6-inches tall and weighing about 110, Maebh is a petite pup for her breeds, but her spirit is as big as the sky. With her best friend Moose at her side (or at least in my backpack) Maebh is up for any adventure out there.

Maebh carrying Moose.

She loves new smells, treats, and getting to know people. If you are lucky, she will greet you with her moose in her mouth and a full-on butt wiggle. Don’t worry though if Moose is hanging out of my pack. Moose or not, Maebh just cannot control that wiggle if you come over to say hello.

Do you have a special friend you take on your explorations? I’d love to hear about it.

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By Carolyn

Carolyn is a seasoned traveler who finds amazing things to explore wherever she goes. Carolyn has explored all 50 states in the U.S. and has traveled widely throughout Canada and Europe, including Iceland. For over 15 years, Carolyn has been helping people make the most of their get-a-ways by personalizing their travel adventures. She believes "tailored to you" is the only way to make the most of your next adventure.

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