Great Lakes Road Trip: We Were on a Mission

The Plan Over an 8-year period, I schlepped my kids through all 50 U.S. states. I started working on that year’s summer adventure in January creating a 6–8-week itinerary of fun and adventure. This is the story of our “Mission” on a Great Lakes road trip. This particular summer we had a plan to see… Continue reading Great Lakes Road Trip: We Were on a Mission

Maebh and Moose Love to Explore

This is my partner in crime Maebh (pronounced Maive). Maebh’s partner is her big old moose. Maebh is a Saint Bernufie, which is a Newfoundland/St. Bernard Mix. Moose is a large stuffy that Maebh insists on dragging everywhere. Maebh and Moose love to explore and are hard to miss when they are out and about. Maebh’s… Continue reading Maebh and Moose Love to Explore

Emergency Spider-Man Situations

Long ago, we dubbed mishaps needing a band-aid “Emergency Spider-Man Situations” or “Emergency Princess Situations” or “Emergency Sponge Bob Situations” or whatever character happened to be on the band-aids we had available. Eventually, these Emergency Spider-Man situations, came to reference anything that demanded a first aid response. A kid yelling that they are having an… Continue reading Emergency Spider-Man Situations

Road Trips through All 50 States

My husband called our summer road trips through all 50 states “Camp Mom.” For eight years, our three girls and I left as soon as school let out. We did not return until sometime in August. It was a blast, a pain in the ass, and the absolute best thing I ever did. I always… Continue reading Road Trips through All 50 States