Great Lakes Road Trip: We Were on a Mission

The Plan Over an 8-year period, I schlepped my kids through all 50 U.S. states. I started working on that year’s summer adventure in January creating a 6–8-week itinerary of fun and adventure. This is the story of our “Mission” on a Great Lakes road trip. This particular summer we had a plan to see… Continue reading Great Lakes Road Trip: We Were on a Mission

Emergency Spider-Man Situations

Long ago, we dubbed mishaps needing a band-aid “Emergency Spider-Man Situations” or “Emergency Princess Situations” or “Emergency Sponge Bob Situations” or whatever character happened to be on the band-aids we had available. Eventually, these Emergency Spider-Man situations, came to reference anything that demanded a first aid response. A kid yelling that they are having an… Continue reading Emergency Spider-Man Situations

Road Trips through All 50 States

My husband called our summer road trips through all 50 states “Camp Mom.” For eight years, our three girls and I left as soon as school let out. We did not return until sometime in August. It was a blast, a pain in the ass, and the absolute best thing I ever did. I always… Continue reading Road Trips through All 50 States