The Story Behind Explore with Carolyn

The story behind Explore with Carolyn is simple. Create a way to enhance your next trip experience by eliminating the time, effort, and confusion of planning the perfect vacation. For over two decades, I have helped family, friends, and friends of friends find exciting things to do, see, and experience that focus on their unique interests and capabilities so that no matter where they are, their tailored exploration awaits.

We Take the Pain Out of Vacation Planning

Woman frustrated at her computer
Trip planning can be so frustrating!

Do you have a favorite vacation spot but are running out of new things to do? Have you settled for that same old place because finding something new is just too daunting? How about feeling anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of planning a vacation itinerary that your family will love? Have you ever wasted a couple of hours of your precious get-a-way time trying to figure out what to do that day? You are not alone.

Finding things to do on vacation is a challenge no matter how experienced you are as a traveler. Planning a trip itinerary ahead of time can be equally daunting because it requires research, research, and more research. At Explore with Carolyn, we take out the pain, time, effort, frustration, and hassle of trip itinerary planning by providing you “tailored to you” travel itineraries with all of the information you need to have a great time wherever you are going.

Every Trip You Take, Explore with Carolyn Has You Covered

  • Need a couple of ideas for where you are heading?
  • Want a day-by-day road trip travel itinerary?
  • Looking for something new to do around where you live?
  • How about one or two ideas during down time on your next business trip?

Explore with Carolyn has you covered. Our promise is to make your next vacation, weekend get-a-way, business or day trip an exploration to remember.

Meet Carolyn

The story behind explore with Carolyn begins with the fact that I am an exploration maniac. Not in the Indiana Jones kind of way but in the sense that I love finding new and unique things to do, see, and experience. I love meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and learning about new things. Wherever I go, I look for the fun, the unusual, the challenging, and the new. Whether it is in my hometown or across the world, exploration is in my DNA.

My favorite thing when I travel is finding a good snow covered hill in the summer and having a butt slide down. All it takes is a pair of rain pants!

If you want to know more about me and my travel philosophy, check out the article Road Trips through All 50 States.

Frustration Free Vacation Planning